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Great gifts: Augustiner souvenirs

Our unique Augustiner beer gift bag filled with everything to make the heart of beer aficionados and friends of Bavarian/Saxon cuisine beat higher!
Our gift vouchers - designed by art and culture award winner Kay LEO Leonhardt from Meissen – can be purchased individually by you with the value of your choice or you can use our special Augustiner Dresden offers.

Ordering souvenirs

At our restaurant you can purchase various souvenirs and other fan items from Augustiner.

Order the products of your choice here:

Beer gift bag from Augustiner Dresden

Augustiner beer gift bag 1

The small surprise gift

This beer gift bag contains:

  • a postcard,
  • an original Augustiner 0.3 l glass,
  • and a voucher worth € 15

together for € 20.

Order beer gift bag


Our new button is the perfect way for Augustiner-friends to „pimp“ their outfit. The button looks decorative on shirts, jackets and other clothes as well as bags. You can order our button for 3,00 € here.

Order Augustiner-Button
The Button from Augustiner Dresden

The Augustiner voucherfor the value of your choice

You can of course order a voucher for all products sold by our pub for a value of your choice. Irrespective of whether for a restaurant visit or merchandising items, the Augustiner voucher is always the right choice for a surprise gift. Use the following link for ordering:

Order your Augustiner voucher

Limited editionAugustiner porcelain beaker

The perfect companion when you are out and about! Beer or coffee to take away …

If you do not wish to do without your takeaway beer or coffee, then you need our limited edition Augustiner beaker made of porcelain. With the practical twin-walled porcelain beaker you can take your drink with you and enjoy it wherever you want.

Order your Augustiner beaker

Small and chicthe Augustiner handbag holder clip

The handbag holder is as clever as it is simple: the handbag holder is placed on the table. You then fasten your handbag to it. Thanks to its stylish design the handbag holder is almost an item of jewellery in its own right. As such you can take it with you wherever you want: in a restaurant the handbag can be hung up easily from the table using the hook. In this way you always have your handbag in sight.

Order your Augustiner handbag holder clip