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Events in 2018

Dailytapping of wooden barrels

Edelstoff beer in a genuine oak barrel is celebrated as the pinnacle of Bavarian beer and pub culture – at Augustiner an der Frauenkirche too naturally.
With pride we tap a 30-litre oak barrel virtually every day and serve you our Edelstoff beer from it. Tapped with powerful blows and freshly poured, it is a speciality for every beer drinker.
Our Edelstoff beer from the wooden barrel is easier to drink and digest thanks to its reduced carbonic acid content. It pours slowly and only with the pressure of its own weight fresh and cool from the barrel. That is what accounts for the particularly mild taste beer connoisseurs appreciate so much about beer from a wooden barrel.
Apart from that, wooden barrels simply create a good ambience. Serving beer from a wooden barrel makes a key contribution to the traditional atmosphere at Augustiner an der Frauenkirche. The wooden barrels are visible for all guests, are tapped on so-called Ganter units and each new barrel is celebrated by way of the old bell-ringing ritual.
Come round and test it for yourself …

When: Suring the summer from 6 p.m.
Tapping of wooden barrels in the Augustiner

31.12.2018New Year’s Eve

The same procedure as every year, last minute thoughts about how to see the New Year in. We would be pleased to help you on your way into the New Year if you are not at home but instead want to party in Dresden either alone, with friends or with your partner:
Come to the Augustiner and enjoy a relaxed yet fun evening. With tasty dishes, good wine and delicious Augustiner beer, make a culinary start to your New Year’s Eve.
Probably the most beautiful city in Saxony has a lot to offer at the turn of the year: on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day there are concerts and opera and of course a service at the famous church. A wonderful firework display can then be admired at midnight on Theaterplatz square with a wonderful view of the unique Semperoper opera house.
We would be pleased to start the New Year together with you.