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Beer enjoyment

Professionals in hop and malt matters at Augustiner an der Frauenkirche

Our first Dresden beer sommelier Herbert Berger confirms: there is at least as much to tell about beer as there is about wine!
The sommelier intends passing on his comprehensive knowledge at beer seminars. There are three seminar types on offer, ranging from the small one with five beer types through to the large one where participants get to taste at least six beers. We are confident that even absolute beer beginners will be convinced of the qualities of our so-called “barley juice” (beer). A beer is namely more than just a drink for quenching thirst. In Bavaria the drink is widely considered a staple foodstuff rather than an alcoholic beverage.

All beer aficionados will thus be able to indulge in the special pleasure their favourite drink offers at our beer tasting sessions. For anyone wishing to enjoy the taste of the various beer types, a beer tasting seminar at Augustiner an der Frauenkirche is an absolute must. Here not only do you experience what the individual beers taste like, you also learn thanks to the beer seminar why that is and what the specifics of the individual production processes are. The beer sommelier will introduce you to the wonderful world of beer tasting and calibrate all your senses needed to fully appreciate the experience.

Small Augustiner beer tasting seminar

Together we embark on a journey of discovery through the Augustiner beer landscape and learn a good deal about the creation, production and variety of the beers brewed by the traditional Munich brewery.

Small Augustiner beer tasting seminarincl. food

Together we taste all the Augustiner beers combined with a few small appropriate snacks. You will be surprised about the impact the appropriate food has on the taste of the beer.

Small Augustiner beer tasting seminar
National beer tasting seminar

National beer tasting seminar

You always wanted to know how professional beer tasting is done and how the individual beer types and categories differ at home and abroad? Then let us set out together on a voyage through various beer landscapes at our beer tasting seminar and learn many interesting facts about the history behind the creation of the individual beers. You will moreover learn all about standard bar room banter and slogans. Small dishes are served to suit each beer.