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Professionals in hops and malt at Augustiner an der Frauenkirche

Our first Dresden beer sommelier Herbert Berger confirms: There is at least as much to tell about the barley juice as there is about wine!

The sommelier wants to pass on his extensive knowledge in beer seminars. Three types of seminar are on offer, from the small round with five varieties to the large one, where participants taste at least six beers. We are convinced that we can convince even absolute beer laymen of the advantages of barley juice. After all, a beer is more than just a drink to quench your thirst. In Bavaria, the drink is considered a staple food, not an alcoholic beverage.

Those who love beer can therefore enjoy their favorite beverage at our beer tastings. If you want to get a taste of the different types of beer yourself, a beer tasting at the Augustiner an der Frauenkirche is a must. Here you will not only learn how the individual beers taste, but thanks to the beer seminar also why this is so and what is special about the respective production process. Through the beer sommilier you will be introduced to the beer tasting and calibrated to all the senses.

Small Augustinian beer tasting

Together we will embark on a journey through the beer landscape of Augustiner and learn about the origins, production and differences of the beers of the traditional Munich brewery.

Small Augustiner beer tasting incl. food

Together we taste all Augustiner beers combined with small matching snacks. You will be surprised what effect the appropriate food has on the taste of beer.Together we taste all Augustiner beers combined with small matching snacks. You will be surprised what effect the appropriate food has on the taste of the beer.

National beer tasting

Have you always wanted to know how a beer is professionally tasted and how the individual types of beer and beer genres differ at home and abroad? Then let’s go on a journey through the beer landscapes together during the beer tasting and learn interesting facts about the origins of the individual beers. In addition, you will learn everything about the regulars. We serve small dishes to go with each beer.

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